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Memorials & Memories

Most of our weekends have been a little lackluster, not much creativity on our part. But I wanted to do something for Memorial Day weekend. We were thinking of camping in Tennessee, but there was a high chance of thunderstorms and I didn't want to brave that! Even though the weather didn't seem all that great anywhere and it was too late to book flights, we decided to go to Washington DC. I love DC, so I was happy that we were going!

I actually didn't know we were going until Alastair finally told me on our way to pick our friend up. Alastair had just told me to pack. Our friend, Ben, tagged along. Which was nice because it's always good to have an extra person to keep tabs on Emre. The ride there wasn't too bad. Emre's actually a pretty good traveller. He gets fussy, but that's pretty normal. We just had to deal with a few tantrums. Toddlers. 

On the way, we stopped in Pittsburgh to add another Google office. I think Alastair has visited 21 offices worldwide. Or more. Who knows. He likes his little collections. We were pleasantly surprised with Pittsburgh; seemed like a charming place. We stopped at a Motel 6 or something like that for the night. Grubby place, but a place to rest our heads.

We made it to DC late afternoon and freshened up a bit at the hotel. We didn't want to pay for parking, so we walked a few miles to the monuments. We did a lot of walking! We went to a couple museums because they were going to close very soon. We got Emre psyched about seeing dinosaurs in the natural history museum. But when we got inside, the dinosaur section was under construction. So lame! I was so bummed, but I don't think Emre seemed to mind. He was able to see other taxidermy. The weather wasn't terrible; muggy and a few thunderstorms. After the museums closed, we walked to the DC Google office. On the way, we were all starving, so we grabbed some Shake Shack. I have never had it, and I must say, the chicken burger was delicious! It was nice to eat it at the office because we were all able to relax and let Emre walk around. It was also nice to put our feet up and relax, we were all pretty tired from walking all day. After feeling a bit more refreshed, we walked back to our hotel. Instead of walking for an hour, we decided to take the metro. So glad we did cause I wasn't feeling it, to walk another hour. We all slept pretty well!

The next day was Memorial Day, which was nice to be in DC for. We went to the zoo, which took majority of our time. With all the crowds and the thunderstorms, it was a whirlwind. The long line to see the panda was a disappointment. It seemed like all the animals were sleeping. Boo! Safaris are where it's at; I'm so excited to take Emre one day. Once the afternoon thunderstorm hit, we headed to the car and made our way to Intercourse, PA. Yep, Intercourse. Ha!